Workshops can be offered on demand with a minimum of 2 people or join a group of maximum 8 people with scheduled workshops (see agenda)




The plant medicine workshops are aimed at helping you become more familiar with the plants and the way they « talk » to you. Some people prefer a more scientific based approach focused on plant constituants, others rely on the doctrine of signatures, some prefer observation and botany, other prefer traditional folk medicine, etc…

I trained in family herbalism as well as vitalist herbalism and want to share my passion for the plants in a dynamic way that feels alive and marries a scientific approach/anatomy & physiology with practical experience and holistic views.

I feel that to know plants more fully, it’s primordial to know them experientally and not only in books or in the lab.  So the workshops always include some theory but also an experiential part, time when we observe, taste, smell the plants and feel into the effects they have in our bodies.

The workshops always have a mix of theory and practice, tastings and at leats one product to take away! All the ingredients used are organic.

Workshops are offered in a light and fun way as well as being packed with information, but in a way that is not too overwhelming and easy to integrate.



The next workshops will be a series on medicinal plants organised by systems (respiratory, immune, digestive, etc…). They can be taken as individual class or as a series.

Workshops focused on plant medicine making will also be offered, where you’ll learn how to make salve, syrup, face cream, body butter, etc…

Plant walks can also be offered locally if there is enough interest.


To know more, go to the Agenda   or contact us to schedule a private workshop (min 2ppl)



More details for the curious among you:)


My approach: I trained in the vitalist tradition. For me, herbalism is a practice that is very alive and that goes beyond memorizing lists of plants and actions (this plant is good for cough, this one for stomach ache, …). To be honest, I find plant lists pretty boring and it almost put me off studying the plants that I love so much!

To me, this is about developping a relationship with the plants, to know which ones suits us; a plant that works for one person might not for another, it all depends on our own unique constitution (tendency to be hot/prone to inflammation, prone to fluid retention, to cold,..) and our current state.

The holistic and vitalist approach is based on the idea that plants don’t simply heal but that they support the body in doing what it already knows to do very well and to correct any imbalance that might have taken place in the body. It has also been influenced by chinese and ayurvedic systems but I am principally using local or european herbs.

I’ll give you an example: If you have a fever, the vitalist approach won’t supress it – as it your body natural defense system to « cook » the bacteria to eliminate them – but some plants can support the body in doing what it does with the fever, so that the symptoms don’t last as long as well as using plants to supprt your immunity.

Vitalist herbalism is holistic as it takes into account the whole person (emotional state, personal circumstances, various external influences on health, etc..) and does not limit teh person to a list of symptoms and problems. It is about supporting and re-establishing the vital force/natural intelligence of the body unique to each individual. With this approach there isn’t a single diet or protocol to help with one condition but a personalized way that is unique to each person depending on their own unique being and constitution.



Who offers the workshops:


My name is Adeline and I trained in herbalism in countries where the legislation is not as hostile to herbal medicine as in France! I mainly trained in the UK as well as online with renowed herbalist, as well as being self-taught, mainly through compulsive reading and my own experience! Learning with plants is an endless life long path so I’m in never-ending training!

After many years of travelling and living abroad, observing different cultures’ relationship with Nature (bias from my orginal training in cultural anthropology!), I moved back to France, in the region where my family is from and decided to share my passion for medicinal plants through sharing information, and in 2019 I will also be offering high quality organic herbal products with plants that I will be growing near Cordes-sur-Ciel.